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DuPont™ Aproach® Prima Fungicide is a broad-spectrum fungicide for control of foliar plant diseases and has preventive, curative, and systemic activity. DuPont™ Aproach® Prima Fungicide must be applied in a regularly scheduled protective spray program in rotation with other fungicides. When used in a disease control program, DuPont™ Aproach® Prima Fungicide improves plant health, vigor, and yield. See directions in label for specific crop/disease instructions. DuPont™ Aproach® Prima Fungicide rapidly penetrates into plant tissues and is rainfast within 1-hour after application. This product may be applied to crop sites that contain areas of temporary surface water caused by collection of water between planting beds, in equipment ruts, or in other depressions caused by management activities.


Restricted Use: No
Active Ingredients: Picoxystrobin;Cyproconazole
Similar To: Aproach® Prima
Product Density: 9.35 Lbs / Gal

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Active Ingredients Picoxystrobin 17.94%, Cyproconazole 7.17% Picoxystrobin 22.5% Azoxystrobin 13.5%, Propiconazole 11.7% Azoxystrobin 22.9%
Restricted Use No No No No
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