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Boron Plus® works like any other boron material in that boron helps plants to improve translocation of sugars. This helps carry more fruit through to harvest for higher yield. The advantages to Boron Plus® are a low application rate and a neutral pH.

Boron Plus® has a neutral pH and does not raise the pH of insecticide tank mixes like other boron sources. Always conduct a compatibility test before any large scale mixing.

Boron plays a vital role in plant metabolism. At DeltAg, we like to describe the function of boron as that of “a soap” in the plant. When boron is deficient, the plant will struggle to translocate much needed nutrients and sugar throughout the plant, and metabolic processes can get out of balance. The result can be too much growth and reduced fruiting. In other words, the plant can go into a vegetative cycle which will reduce fruiting, delay maturity and reduce final yields.


Restricted Use: No
Similar To: Boron Plus
Product Density: 9.54 Lbs / Gal
Key Ingredients: Boron

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