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IONfx™ is a mix of genetically identified and patented bacteria, along with archaea and fungi. While many microbes live naturally in a plant, this mix of microorganisms has been selected to support, enhance, or supplement plant functions. IONfx unlocks a plant’s ability to produce growth regulators and metabolites.

Key Benefits:

  • Better heat and drought stress tolerance
  • Phosphate solubilization through microbial activity
  • General stress mitigation
  • Improved early vigor and less purpling
  • Increases forage quality and yield
  • Increases protein in small grains

Suggested Crop Use:
  • Corn - trial results have shown IONfx pairs well when used in combination with Envita.
  • Sorghum
  • Small Grains (foliar)
  • Cotton
  • Canola
  • Flax

Application Rates:

  • In Furrow: 16 fl oz per acre and minimum of 5 gpa rate
  • Foliar: 16 fl oz per acre with 10 to 20 gallons water; may be tank mixed with other products.
  • For corn or sorghum, V3-V7 is ideal application stage
  • Ionfx is available in 5 gallons cases (2x2.5 gl)

Modes of Action:
  • Plant pH regulation through the ability to exchange electrons in chemical pathways
  • pH regulation overcomes “slowdowns” during the heat of the day
  • A unique microbe group triggers larger leaves early on and a thicker stalk later
  • Movement of lignin on vascular bundles to the outer rind of the stem. This may aid in movement of nutrients and water through the plant
  • Bacteria elicit a hormone response to insert the ear higher and support a second ear
  • Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) response microbes become more active later in the season
  • Mitigates heat and drought stress to reduce their effect
  • Slow acting, continuous action microbes facilitate micronutrient availability within the plant

When positive response was achieved, IONfx averaged:
Ionfx results
Individual results may vary


Restricted Use: No
Product Density: 10 Lbs / Gal
Key Ingredients: Potash;Pseudomonas fluorescence
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