Price: $42.00/Gal

N-TEXX® EDGE is a symbiotic family of selective microbial species that function as a soil inoculant intended to introduce microbes in the soil and increase the active biomass. This also results in improved germination and plant vigor while enhancing nutrient cycling throughout the growing season.

Product Benefits:

  • Enhances fertilizer program by increasing plant nutrient uptake
  • A mix of both aggressive carbon based and nutrient microbe strains
  • Reduces crusting of topsoil
  • Increases root mass growth
  • Increases seed germination emergence
  • Improves water infiltration
  • Improves soil environment for plant growth by building the aerobic zone of the soil.
  • Easily applied using various irrigation systems (spray, trickle, overhead, drip, surge, and L.E.P.A.)
  • Concentrated for freight savings
  • Animals may graze immediately after application
  • Stable for up to 1 year when stored as directed
  • May be soil and foliar applied


Restricted Use: No
Product Density: 8.2 Lbs / Gal
Key Ingredients: Microbial species;Humic acid
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