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Plant roots produce most of the hormones that plants need for proper growth, fruit development and yield. A healthy, vigorous root system needs proper nutrition to sustain the life of the plant. Stoller® Root Feed Dry promotes continuous growth of the roots, maintaining the optimum nutritional balance throughout the plant’s growth cycle, regardless of the phenological state (crop stage) and climatic variations.

Product Benefits:

  • Convenient dry formulation
  • Supports the most efficient use of fertilizers applied to the soil
  • Improves uniform establishment of crops grown from seed or transplants
  • Nutritional support for healthy, vigorous root development
  • Provides nutritional support for increased yield and crop quality

Recommended Applications: Foliar, Irrigation

See the label for more information about specific crops, rates, and timing. 


Retricted Use: No
Cost Per acre: Calculate
Key Ingredients: N 9%, P 5%, Calcium, Magnesium, Boron, Molybdenum

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