Seed Treatment Options
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Why Should I Treat My Own Seed?

Click on the video to learn more about the five reasons treating your own seed creates significant value for your operation.

Which Treater is Right For Me?

The AT500H from USC offers the perfect solution for small scale seed treatment. The compact design and patented slide-out atomizer make this one of the simplest, most cost effective treaters on the market.

Click on each of the videos to learn more about the features and benefits of each of these seed treaters provide and discover which one is right for your operation.

Soybean Treatment Options

Product Description Application Rate Approximate 50# Units per Gallon

A proven fungicide only blend that provides good protection in late season planting environments. Perfect for Double Crop Soybeans. Add N-Force for added Nitrogen uptake and boost yields. Duo-F 35 a similar formulation to ApronMaxx RFC.

1.70 oz/cwt

Provides a solid early to mid-season planting protection with the added benefit of a seed sanitizer to help with germ and improve population stands. Trio-R IM 75 uses the latest Rhizoctonia/Fusarium fungicide technology for maximum protection.

3.80 oz/cwt

Adds the power of “V” which is an advanced fungicide for added protection against Rhizoctonia. This powerful combination of fungicides provides an excellent early to mid-season seed treatment. This formulation is very similar to CruiserMaxx Vibrance.

5.10 oz/cwt

Our premium early season planting seed treatment. Our unique blend of fungicides covers all the early season pressures. Flo Rite 1706 improves flowability in your planter.

4.80 oz/cwt

Soybean Additives

Product Description Package Size

soybean Inoculant provides beneficial Rhizobia Bacteria to maximize nodulation and increase the soybean plant’s ability to uptake Nitrogen. More Nitrogen means more yield. N-Force has proven to provide active Rhizobia for maximum nodulation and a healthy root system. Healthy roots are the foundation of plant health and ultimately higher yields. A proprietary formulation process keeps the Rhizobia in suspension without the need to mix bladders, causing a mess.

2 x 2.5 GA Case

A bio-stimulant protein that can speed up the germination process, provides nematode suppression and improves the over all plant health during the early growth stages. During this growth stage the soybean plant will enjoy a quicker emergence, stimulated root growth, thicker root casings, nematode suppression, stomatic response during dry events and an overall healthier soybean seedling.

240 Unit Jug

 Add N-Force and N-Hibit Made EZ to any of the above EclipseUS Brands.  When you add it either to EclipseUS Quad-R IM SDS w/1706 turbo charge your SDS protection with 5 modes of action.

See the AT500H in Action!

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